Our Services

Solar Film

Protecting your home and family from the elements is one of the main features of our solar film for home window tinting.

Safety tinting

Safety Film

Elite Window tinting offers a window and door film that complies with the Australian standard for human impact.

Security Film

Replace those unsightly bars with security film, and retain the level of security you want for both your home and business.

Frosted glass tinting

Frosted Films

Whether it be a professional look for your office or to enhance your home, we have a frosted films for you.

Scratched graffiti

Anti-Graffiti Film

Elite Window Tinting’s anti graffiti films protect your windows from graffiti and can also hide existing scratches.

Interior glass tint

Specialised Films

We don’t just tint windows or make your glass doors safe, our full range covers many diverse applications for both home or business.